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High Speed Automatic Hand Dryer

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- Infrared Sensor - Adopt infrared reflective human body sensing technology, increased sending area, respond faster.

- 1450W High Speed - Power flash drying, equipped with powerful motor, speed up to 27000±155 RPM, 10 seconds dry hands.

- Short Circuit Protection - when the bread-board short circuit or the current is too high, the machine will stop working.

- Intelligent temperature - Environment temperature change, ≥23℃, automatic turn on hot air, ≤23℃, turn off hot air.

- HEPA Air Filter - Filtering most of the tiny particles in the air, and use the clean air to dry your hands for healthy.


Model  PL-151070
Unit Weight 3Kg
Material ABS+PC
Unit Size L232*W131*H327mm
Working voltage AC220-240VAC-50Hz-60Hz
Induction distance 3-5cm