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Faucet Type Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser

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- Commercial Design - The professional commercial design, suitable for high traffic use, such as shopping malls, schools.

- Adjustable Soap Foam Volume - Variable dispense control soap volume by remote control.

- High Level Waterproof and Durable Material - Which can keep circuit board away from soap or water.

- Recommended use - Designed for high frequency use. It is perfect for your home, coffee bar, offices, hotels, etc.

- Easy to Remote Control and Installation - Use remote controller to adjust time, sensor distance, dosage of the foam.


Input Adapter 110-240V DC 0.55A
Output Adapter 15V DC 1.6A Class2I
Control Box Input(CMSI 3020SSPM) 15V DC 0.2A Class 2
Sensor Range   5-15cm adjustable