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Wall Mounted Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser 1000ml PL-151056

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- Large Capacity - 1000ml (35.2 fl. oz) Capacity will spare your precious time and frequency of refilling it.

- Safety Lock - wall soap dispenser is a locking design and equipped with a key, making it safe and suitable for public places.

- Wall Mounted - Easy installation and save space. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

- Visible Window - Acts as a reminder to know the usage of the liquid, easy to see the amount and refill when necessary.

- Durable Material - Made of eco-friendly ABS, long-lasting performance by using high-grade waterproof ABS plastic.

Model PL-151056
Unit size L285*160*120mm
Vol 1000ml
Material ABS
Unit weight 1100g
Color White/Grey/Black