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Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils

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- Automatic Aroma Diffuser with Sleek Design: SVAVO new aroma diffuser is committed to bringing better life for you.

- Two-fluid Conversion Atomization Advanced Technology: Essential oil is atomized into finer and lighter particle diffusion.

- Aromatherapy Function: Use this product to diffuse the essential oil is not only as Air Freshening, but advanced aromatherapy.

- Compatible with Essential Oils or Water + Essential Oils: This product not only can be used for essential oils but also compatible with water + essential oils. 

- Easy to Installation and Simple Operation: Wall Mounted and Tabletop 2 in 1 designed, which make it is better to be used.


Model PL-151090
Unit size  6.61*6.61*2.75in
Vol 100ml
Material PP
Unit weight 490g


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