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Here Are Hot Sales Products of Us.

automatic soap dispenser

Foam Automatic Soap Dispenser V-370

Original Price: $ 35.99
Sale Price: $ 32.39

Why Use Foam Soap?

As the foam soap is more economical many schools, college and the public toilet have been switched to the foam soap dispenser by replacing all the ordinary soap dispenser because of their hygiene, touch free and easy wash features. This source will provide you more idea about foam hand soap dispenser. Foam soap dispenser is becoming more popular among the user because of their hand free touching. these soap are more hygiene and is easy to wash by simply pressing the nozzle, and so many wishes using foam dispenser in the public toilet because of their hygiene.

automatic air freshener dispenser

Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser V-880D

Original Price: $ 31.99
Sale Price: $ 28.79

Has it ever occurred that after your dinner gathering or party the smell always lingers and hard to dissipates? Or has the unpleasant odor in the bathroom, office, gym, salon, barber's ever bothered you?

If so, maybe what you need is a Perfume Dispenser or two more!

plaza series manual soap dispenser

PLAZA Series Double Soap Dispenser PL-151052

Original Price: $ 27.99
Sale Price: $ 25.19

PLAZA Series shows more sophisticated on product functions. The all-around smart sensor device overturns the traditional hygine methods and the non-touching ways not only enable people a more smooth and convenience but also reflect advancing cutting-edge technology.

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