SVAVO Top Selling Tabletop Automatic Soap Dispenser V-473

SVAVO Top Selling Tabletop Automatic Soap Dispenser V-473

V-473 is versatile. It is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, you can use hand sanitizer, detergent, laundry liquid,etc. It can also be adjustable soap dispenser volume as desired.


  1. Infrared Sensor - Intelligence hand free operation minimize the spread of germs
  2. IPX4 Waterproof & ABS Material
  3. 3 Adjustable Volume Setting - 1.5ml/ 3.0ml/ 4.5ml
  4. Replaceable Soap Bottle


This well-crafted, solid product comes in totally two colors, white and black. The sleek, ABS design makes it an ideal hygienic tool for homes, schools, shopping malls and workplaces.




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